Today is the day we officially launched, and it feels extraordinary.  What began as a seed of an idea only a few short months ago is now in full swing.  All of our vaping hardware including mods, eGo devices, batteries, clearomizers, and everything else on the site except for e-liquid is now stocked and ready to ship.  Meanwhile, orders for liquid have been placed and are in transit to us at this very moment.  Look for those to begin coming available on Wednesday or Thursday of this week!  

I want to issue a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has visited the site, and specifically to you who are reading this now.  Our goal is, and will remain, to be among the very best vendors for the best e-cigarette hardware and liquid from around the world.  I am very proud of what we're building here at Gaslight, and I'm also excited to say that we have some big developments in the pipeline, including the grand opening of our first brick and mortar location, which could happen quite soon if everything falls into place just so.

As a special treat for those who have come across this little corner of Gaslight Vapor's website, here is a very perishable coupon code: vapemail.  It will get you a 15% discount off your entire order with us, but it expires in less than 24 hours, so act fast!  We will not be issuing many coupon codes here, as we are going to do our best to keep prices very competitive for you, but this is just a little thank you to those of you who are willing to give us a chance to wow you.  

Thanks for everything.  And as always, here is my personal phone number if you have any questions about vaping or vaping products or any issues or questions concerning the website, shipping, or anything else: 615.397.5333.  

Jeffery Carney