attara artisan logo2014 has been a whirlwind year for the vaping industry, and we were certainly lucky to have been a part of so many exciting things. Although we are very concerned about impending FDA regulations, we remain optimistic that we will continue to be able to bring you the best hardware and boutique liquid that the world has to offer.   

Our most recent additions to our liquid inventory (Attāra Artisan and Thenancara) are slightly similar in nature, although very different in origin.  Attāra Artisan, our very own offering to the e-liquid industry, is the expression of everything we have learned so far about what there is to love in quality liquids--complexity, originality, and focused vision.  Not coincidentally, our other newcomer, Thenancara, was a big inspiration when we were thinking about what is truly possible.  Thenancara doesn't do anything cheaply.  From the laid paper labels to the black felt bags in which the liquid is delivered, the finesse of the French is evident everywhere in the product, which is not surprising, considering that Thenancara is imported directly from Paris, France to us.

We want to offer all of our customers the warmest of thanks for such a wonderful year.  We learned a lot of lessons about what you expect from us, and we pledge to continue to endeavor to provide old-world customer service in the speediest possible fashion.  Thank you for all you do to make it possible for us to do what we do.  We look forward to a very exciting new year.


-Jeffery and the Gaslight team