pic from notblowingsmoke.org

There is a new movement I wanted to let anyone that hasn't heard yet.  In California, there is major propaganda that the California Department of Public Health is spreading and http://www.notblowingsmoke.org is standing up to their false propaganda.  I am sure you are asking how this applies to me if you don't live in California.  Here is the short answer, there are a lot of things at stake, other than the effects vaping has on our health.

We want to make sure  you are aware of things that are coming.  Even if you are not in California this affects you; since California is usually a trend setter for new laws.  We are proud supporters of CASAA and TSFA to advocate on our and your behalf; but it is still up to us vapers to make sure we are not overrun by lawmakers, who haven't done any research.  Make sure to stop by Not Blowing Smoke's website; also make your voice heard at the FDA website.  It is up to us to make sure our elected officials make decisions based on our voices; not the money pushed by big tobacco.