So I was checking out the 4/16/15 VLOG from Grimm Green and he was talking about Big Tobacco and their effects on Vaping.  He asked the question, "If the Vaping industry needed help with funding, against pending regulations, would you want to accept it?" Today, I want to further discuss this topic with you guys.  

So the more I think about this, there is a distrust in my heart with Big Tobacco.  For some reason, I just don't trust them.  I am not really sure why and from others I am around; who also smoke or used to smoke, this is kind of the consensus.  The more I think about the question, Grimm posed; I think the answer for me, might be yes.

If you really think about the cigarette industry versus the vaping industry, the cigarette industry has as much to lose as the vaping industry does.  If regulations pass in favor of banning or regulating the Vaping industry on some certain points; those regulations could halt all innovation. The regulations would essentially be a death sentence to our gateway to a cigarette free life.  

This same topic was brought up at the shop the other day about the possibilities, and what we would do if the industry was essentially shut down and we all had differing opinions. A few in the conversation feel the industry will go to an underground culture where juice is really expensive; because there will be so few that still produce juice as we currently enjoy it.  I personally could see myself going back to smoking.  I don't see either as being a fit solution to the big problem.

The biggest thing that has failed the tobacco cessation industry is, until vaping, not having a consumer created solution.  Vaping is essentially consumer created solution and has helped more people quit using cigarettes than any other solution of the people around me.  I personally have helped at least 10 people quit smoking cigarettes completely and it was all with the help of vaping.  The reason vaping is so effective is because it fulfills all of the things that cigarette smokers say they miss about cigarettes.  To be honest about the situation vaping is the solution that will eventually put to rest the cigarette industry.

This last line brings me back to Grimm's question.  Would you embrace big tobacco to help fight the FDA regulations?  I think the answer just might be yes.  In Grimm's words Big Tobacco counts money in the Billions (that is B's not M's).  If the FDA were to regulate in our (vaper's) favor who would have the most to lose at that point?  Big Tobacco would, because their industry would continue to decline in sales and they would have to find alternate methods to make money and vaping is that money stream they would be looking for.  If you think about it they already have all of the access to everything that would be needed to survive.  They have a straight line to nicotine and a huge research and development budget to come up with products we have never even thought of.

Big Tobacco has already started making entry into the e-cigarette market and will continue to because they realize their days of selling cigarettes to make a profit could be coming to an end.  As of now, they have the money to fund major campaigns and lobbying that could benefit the vaping industry and keep us using devices and juice flavors that we are accustom to.  Also this would be a benefit to a newer and incredibly fast paced industry that, unregulated, has yet to come close to its peak by receiving much more funding to innovate.  Here is the question I am going to leave you with, is Big Tobacco the enemy or are they the ally that has been right in front of us the whole time?  Make sure to leave you thought and comments.  I don't think there is a right or a wrong answer right now, but the devil's advocate might just be a vaper's best advocate.