$ 60.00

Stainless Steel
Matte Black

Product Details

The Recoil Rebel RDA is the second in the Recoil series of drippers by Grimm Green and #yoc, and features some beautiful refinements to the original while keeping the best parts intact.  The Rebel again features twin airflow barrels, but now one has 4 air holes and the ability to fine-tune your airflow with an included AFC top cap.  The Rebel also comes with an optional-use ultem ring that installs on the deck to help prevent leakage.  The build deck is now set into a 24mm base and the barrel completes the RDA at 25mm wide.

All in all, the Recoil Rebel is a nice leap forward in an already brilliant dripper, and we couldn't recommend them more highly for those who are looking for maximum versatility in an RDA while maintaining a sharp and aggressive look.

Yes, the Macaron by Double Helix Designs fits the Recoil Rebel!

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