Double Helix Designs - Button Top (for Aspire Cleito 120)

$ 14.00

Black Color Changer(Black to Grey)
Blue Color Changer(Blue to Lime Green)
Orange Color Changer(Orange to Light Orange/Clear)
Purple Color Changer(Purple to Pink)
Red Color Changer(Red to Pink/Clear)
H1 (Doom)
H2 (Ghost)
H3 (Nuclear Grape)
H4 (Green Veined Marble)
H6 (Lapis)
H7 (Ocean)
H8 (Cotton Candy)
H13 (Love Potion)
H14 (Inferno)
H15 (Midnight Gem)
H16 ("Mother of Pearl")
H17 (Grape Chip)
H18 (Robin Egg)
H19 (Black Pearl)
H20 (Unicorn Poop)
H21 (Turquoise)
H22 (Green Tea)

Product Details

These tiny guys are the perfect way to dress up that awesome Cleito 120!  They slide right on top of the built-in mouthpiece of the tank.  We are in love!

Note: Color changing variants automatically display the color when cold when selected in the drop-down menu.  Color changers' warm color is located directly after the photo of the cold color in the photo grid.

Cleito 120 tank sold separately

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