Double Helix Designs - Nub Tips (for Kennedy, Griffin, and Goon RBAs and TFV8 Tanks)

$ 16.00

Stay Gold
Shredded Money
Black Color Changer(Black to Grey)
Blue Color Changer(Blue to Lime Green)
Orange Color Changer(Orange to clear)
Purple Color Changer( Purple to Pink)
Red Color Changer(Red to Clear Pink)
H1 (Doom)
H2 (Ghost)
H3 (Nuclear Grape)
H4 (Green Veined Marble)
H4 NEW (Mint Jelly)
H5 (Moss)
H6 (Lapis)
H7 (Ocean)
H8 (Cotton Candy)
H9 (Amethyst)
H10 (Blue Nova...glows blue!)
H11 (Playdough Ice Cream)
H12 (Moon Stone)
H13 (Love Potion)
H14 (Inferno)
H15 (Midnight Gem)
H16 ("Mother of Pearl")
H17 (Grape Chip)
H18 (Robin Egg)
H19 (Black Pearl)
H20 Unicorn Poop
H21 (Turquoise)
H22 (Green Tea)

Product Details

The Nub Tip by Double Helix is the most requested new product they manufacture.  With perfect fitment for three of the world's most popular atomizers, these are difficult for us to keep on hand.  

All DHD products are machined in the USA

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