Eleaf - iCare 110 Kit

$ 16.00


Product Details

Eleaf's iCare 110 might be one of the coolest devices in the iCare family!  It's diminutive 11mm diameter and 126mm length makes this device a truly "pen-style" electronic cigarette.  If you need a visual image, think of a standard Bic pen, and you'll have an excellent idea of the dimensions.

The iCare 110 is not only compact.  It also features a standard micro USB charging port and is very easy to fill via the top-filling tank.  The mouthpiece is non-removable, but this is actually a plus as it makes removing the top cap to refill very easy.  

Unlike the other iCare products, which operate at 15 watts, the iCare 110 runs at 10 watts, which means that you might want to step up a nicotine level.  We love ours with 45mg liquid from Mr. Salt-E available here 

High VG iCare coils can be purchased here.

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