Limitless Mod Co. (LMC) - Pulse Replacement Pods

$ 14.00


Product Details

About the PODS:

LMC's replacement pods come in packs of 3, and are a standout among pod-based e-cigs because they're so easy to refill!  Simply lift the rubber flap under the mouthpiece and fill them up!  The pods are rated for 8 watts of performance and are exclusively made to work with the LMC Pulse Starter Kit.


Please be advised that this product page is only for replacement pods for the Limitless Pulse.  The Pulse device itself may be purchased here 

About the PULSE:

The LMC Pulse is one of the best pod-based systems we've tried yet!  Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Customizable colored LED lights (7 colors)
  • Easily refillable pods via rubber stopper under the mouthpiece (no more breaking your fingernails trying to get into "closed" pods like the Juul and Von Erl
  • Standard micro USB charge port 
  • Great flavor and vapor production for such a tiny device
  • Ability to deactivate LED lights for stealthier vaping sessions

If, like us, you've been waiting for the perfect pod-based stealth setup to fill with your favorite high-nic liquids, the Pulse by Limitless and Ply Rock very well could be the one!

Order the Pulse by LMC here! 

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