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The LMC Pulse is one of the best pod-based systems we've tried yet!  Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Customizable colored LED lights (7 colors)
  • Easily refillable pods via rubber stopper under the mouthpiece (no more breaking your fingernails trying to get into "closed" pods like the Juul and Von Erl
  • Standard micro USB charge port 
  • Great flavor and vapor production for such a tiny device
  • Ability to deactivate LED lights for stealthier vaping sessions

If, like us, you've been waiting for the perfect pod-based stealth setup to fill with your favorite high-nic liquids, the Pulse by Limitless and Ply Rock very well could be the one!

Order Pulse replacement pods here!

Fill up your Pulse with Mr. Salt-E 25mg and 45mg liquids here! 

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