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Suorin's second incognito device features a 310mAh battery capacity and an excellent new pod design with 2mL capacity.  The Drop easily stands up on its own, and is significantly heavier than the extremely lightweight Suorin Air device.  There is no power switch on the Drop, unlike the Air.  

Choosing between the Drop and the Air is actually quite difficult for us.  Both produce exceptional flavor, and the airflow is quite similar on both devices, if slightly tighter on the Drop.  The battery capacity on the Air is larger at 400mAh, and the max power output does vary slightly at 13W for the Drop and 16W on the Air.  Our recommendation between the two devices comes down to two things:  aesthetics and vaping preference.  The battery life between the two in real-world usage is close: you will likely need to recharge once during the day if you are using either device exclusively.  

What's in the Box:

  • Suorin Drop Device
  • One (1) Suorin Drop Cartridge
  • Charging cable
  • User manual and documentation

Suorin Drop pods are available here

Suorin Air devices are here and their pods are here

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