Vaponaute 24 - Blue Moon

Vaponaute 24 - Blue Moon

$ 10.00

Intense anise, the primary flavor of black licorice, subtly blended with notes of pineapple and citrus.  The citrus notes definitely shine through more when this liquid is enjoyed in a genesis-style atomizer built with mesh.

Vaponaute 24 liquids are artfully crafted in France by one of the masters of the artisan e-liquid industry.  With a background in top level wines and spirits, she is beloved by connoisseurs for her unconventional and subtle blends.

All Vaponaute 24 liquids are 50/50 pg/vg ratios and it is recommended by the manufacturer that they are steeped open for a few days to be fully appreciated.  All ingredients are French-made and top quality. 

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