WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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We love being in the vapor business, and the most rewarding part of that are the customers we’ve developed relationships with. Because of this, we want to extend a big “thank you” to everyone who has purchased from us since we launched in 2014. We are calling this rewards program The Lamplighters Guild.

In developing The Lamplighters Guild, we have accounted for every dollar you have spent to date with us and incorporated it into your Lamplighters Guild point balance. $1 spent = 1 point. There are four levels of rewards:


Those who have 500 or more points will receive a 10% discount applied to every item purchased.

Dark Horse

Those who have 1,000 or more points will receive a 15% discount applied to every item purchased.


Those who have 1,500 or more points will receive a 20% discount applied to every item purchased.


Those who have 2500 or more points will receive a 25% discount applied to every item purchased.

How do I see my Lamplighters Guild status?

To view your order history and Lamplighters Guild Rewards status, log into your gaslightvapor.com account, click “My Account” in the top right hand of the website, and then click “Loyalty Program” on the left-side navigation.

How do I earn my rewards?

Your order history from the first time you placed an order with us has been preloaded into Lamplighters Guild and is currently active. To accumulate points, simply ensure that you are logged in to your account when you place an order with us.

Do points expire?

One year from the day you sign up (or the day we launched The Lamplighters Guild program, whichever comes later), up to 2500 points will be subtracted from your Lamplighters Guild balance. If you have 2500 or fewer points after one year, your status will be reset to 0 points, but if you have over 2500 points, your remaining balance will roll over to the next year.

Here are two examples:

Customer A has a total balance of 1800 points with "Specialist" status. After one year, 1800 points roll off the account, and the customer begins a new year with a balance of 0 points.

Customer B has a total balance of 5100 points with "GrandMaster" status. After one year, 2500 points roll off the account, and the customer has a new balance of 2600 points and retains GrandMaster status for another year.

Why is it called Lamplighters Guild? What is a Lamplighter?

In the 19th and early-20th centuries, street lamps were gas-operated and had to be lit (and kept lit) each night by people known as lamplighters. The lamplighters, however, did more than maintain gas street lamps. They also acted as night watchmen, helping to keep their streets and neighborhoods safe and well-lit!

As a result, "lamplighter" has come to have a metaphorical meaning. A lamplighter often refers to a person who courageously shines a light on encroaching evil or darkness, remaining vigilant in their efforts to spread illumination.

We understand the burden that you have likely carried by making a choice to refrain from combustible tobacco use in favor of a better alternative. This vigilance deserves to be recognized and appreciated. To us at Gaslight, the Lamplighters among us are our greatest hope of creating a better future for our posterity by telling their stories of success to their friends, families, and communities.